2 South Florida Japanese restaurants temporarily shut down for roaches

Allowed to reopen the next day after reinspections

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Roaches shut down two Japanese restaurants in Palm Beach County. Osaka Japanese Buffet on Village Boulevard in West Palm Beach shut its doors after inspectors found roaches running around the back of the restaurant near the freezers and prep tables.

“We were shut down for a couple of hours. We are not a problem,” said manager Mindy Xu.

The restaurant says the roaches came in from the ceiling, and management is working with the landlord and a pest control company to let the roaches know they are not welcomed guests.

The Consumer Watchdog asked Xu if she had seen any roaches. Xu replied, “I didn’t see, but after pest control I see that.”

“Have you seen any since?” asked the Consumer Watchdog.

“No,” replied Xu.

Inspectors also found roaches at Sushi Jo on US Highway 1 in Juno Beach, which the owner says was just bad timing. The inspector came a few minutes after the normal pest control treatment.

“We have 3 or 4 deliveries a day so during those deliveries you can have pests come in so we have bait and it's an ongoing service,” said owner, Scott Guerrieri.

Guerrieri said he was surprised by the closure, but said he respects what inspectors do to keep you safe.

“We've been in business 10 years and we never had any violations that closed us and we have a track record and history that speaks for itself,” said Guerrieri.

The restaurant said it takes sanitation seriously and so does the pest control company it uses. They fired the employee who was supposed to be treating for pests, but apparently missed a few.

“I apologize for any inconvenience and that I have a lot of experience in quality control, pest control, and that I will put our restaurant up next to anybody’s,” said Guerrieri.

Both restaurants were allowed to reopen the next day when inspectors came back to re-inspect and found no roaches. 

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