Florida Attorney General is investigating Stephen Bonanno Sandals after getting 97 complaints

Facebook post says Bonanno is 'working like heck'

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Women from across the country have been complaining since last summer that they ordered sandals from Stephen Bonanno during his 50th anniversary sale, but they never received them. We've been pushing for answers, and now the Florida Attorney General is too.

There is a state investigation into the well known sandal maker after 97 customers complained to the attorney general.

The factory closed, website shut down, and communication stopped between customers and Stephen Bonanno Sandals. That was nearly ten months ago.

Carol Webb said she doubts she'll ever get her sandals or her money back from an order placed in January 2013 during Bonanno's 50th anniversary sale.

"The original order said 6-8 weeks," explained Webb.

Still no sandals, and so much time passed Webb can't get a refund from her credit card company.

In October, we tracked down Bonanno . He was full of promises.

"We're not closed first off. We are just moving to a new location," explained Bonanno.

We're still waiting to see it.

"Everyone will be taken care of," Bonanno explained.

"He promised," we told Webb.

"I heard him," she said. "I'm very upset about it, but I feel like there is not a whole lot I can do."

Customers are pushing consumer groups to do something. There are complaints with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, attorney general, and Palm Beach County Consumer Affairs Division where Eugene Reavis is the manager.

"He needs to deliver the sandals or refund that money," explained Reavis.

His agency got some women their sandals, but a Wisconsin woman said hers arrived in May looking worn and falling apart. Plus, she says two of the three pairs were the wrong size.

Reavis wants the attorney general to take action.

"Where he is taking money from consumers and not delivering I see that as fraud.  Something needs to be done. He needs to deliver its as simple as that," explained Reavis.

For the last week I've pushed Bonanno for answers. His fiance told me they didn't realize so many customers still didn't have a refund.

Just yesterday, there was a post on Bonanno's Facebook page. The first post in ten months reads, "Working like heck. It does feel good that the sandals are getting out . So long over do (sic) but hacking away. And smaller the list is getting."

What do you think of the post? Sound off on my Facebook page .

Many women are concerned because so much time has passed their address changed and they have no way to get a hold of the company other than Facebook.

I'll continue to push for answers.


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