Inspectors found 35 violations at Vic & Angelo's in Palm Beach Gardens after October fine for issues

Restaurant manager said kitchen made a mistake

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - The Italian eatery, Vic & Angelo's in Palm Beach Gardens, topped the list this week for violations with 35. We found it's not the first time the restaurant was warned about its kitchen.

Vic and Angelo's had 11 high priority violations during a recent inspection including multiple high priority violations for food that was not the right temperature..

Inspectors also found employees who did not wash their hands before putting gloves on to work with food.

They found raw meat was stored over cooked shrimp in the freezer and raw clams over risotto in the cooler.

The restaurant fixed the mistakes when inspectors returned the next day. The next day, inspectors found six violations of which none were a high priority.

This isn't the first time inspectors found potentially hazardous food. State records show the restaurant was fined $320 in October after inspectors found food that wasn't the right temperature on two occasions. The state also noted in that fine that a piece of kitchen equipment was in poor repair.

A restaurant manager said the kitchen made a mistake, and hung up when I asked how this could happen after being fined.

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