Lake Clarke Shores warns homeowners about odd utility note posted on doors

LAKE CLARKE SHORES, Fla. - A warning tonight about a notice appearing on homeowners doors that caught the attention of the police.

It's a small delivery notice warning you to call an 800 number about your utility bill.

When it showed up on doors in Lake Clarke Shores, the city took notice.

"They started flooding our utility department with calls thinking it came from our town and it didn't. It's just the lack of information on it. It says lower your utility bills. Please call such and such," explained Detective Carlos Negron of Lake Clarke Shores Police Department.

Here's some Watchdog Wisdom. The lack of information on the delivery notice is a red flag.

There is no company name, and when you call the 800 # the voicemail also doesn't have a company or utility name.

My call to the mysterious 800 # wasn't returned.

If a legitimate company is trying to get a hold of you, they will use their name. The rest of these notices, just throw them in the trash.

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