Miami lawyer sues Lexus over melting dashboard and pushes for class action status

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - There's new development for drivers with a melting dashboard. A Consumer Watchdog investigation first exposed the problem in April on Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, and Nissan vehicles. Now the case is headed to court for Lexus.

The lawsuit was filed this week in Miami by The Ferraro Law Firm against Lexus and a dealership in Miami and the Fort Myers area.

The lawyer is pushing for class action status.

We first told you that Lexus issued a Technical Service Bulletin about the melting and sticky dashboards for some 2006-2008 IS250 and IS350 cars.

Lexus agreed to repair the vehicles but only while they are in warranty. The lawsuit alleges Lexus breached the warranty and charged drivers to repair the dashes.

Driver Judie Brancato talked to us after our investigation. She was frustrated Lexus would only pay half her repair costs.

"I think $900 is unreasonable when it's a defect from the manufacturer," explained Brancato.

Lexus won't comment on this lawsuit.

Drivers can complain to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about the issue.

My investigation continues into this sticky safety issue Thursday on NewsChannel 5 at 6. I'm digging through government data, and hear why a national auto safety expert feels the government needs to step in and make these manufacturers fix the problem before an accident or death happens.

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