Parents want refunds after InterFACE talent group in Boca Raton closed its doors

InterFACE says its other offices can serve clients

BOCA RATON, Fla. - You may have heard their pitch at the mall offering to help you become a star, but some teens say their hopes were dashed after InterFACE Talent took their money.

John Paul Osegueda feels the rhythm.

"It's like you're speaking with your body," explained Osegueda.

Osegueda travels around town showcasing his moves.

"I like performing in front of people to see their facial expressions they make," Osegueda explained.

He hopes his moves can earn him money.

"I want to act, model, and dance," explained Osegueda.

He thought InterFACE would give him that chance.

It's a marketing firm for talent looking to become a star.

"My wish is for him to be successful," explained his mom, Lucelena Agudelo.

Agudelo put down a $100 deposit as a commitment that she would pay whatever it took to help her son make it big.

"I want to help him out to open the doors," explained Agudelo.

Before that could happen, InterFACE closed its doors dashing Hayden Castro's hopes too.

"They got him really excited and then they just dropped the ball," explained mom Jamie Castro.

Castro said she asked for a refund.

"They said that I should have followed the 3 day cancelation policy which seems kind of silly because how was I to see that they were going to close their doors?" Castro said.

InterFACE has a very strict 3 day cancelation policy. You have to send your request using certified mail.

We first encountered InterFACE's policy in February when a dad called the Consumer Watchdog . He followed the three day policy, but still didn't get a refund.

After a few calls from us, he got his money back.

At that time, we found 13 complaints about InterFACE with the Attorney General. Today, the state says that number has grown to 188.

Customers we spoke to want their money back.

"I am angry because they killed my kid's dream," explained Agudelo.

InterFACE told me it's still serving South Florida clients with its other out-of-state offices. Its creative team is still in the area taking photos for those customers who already paid for one.

Customers we spoke to just want a refund.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the company responded to our repeated requests for information saying they are working on a refund for Castro and it should be mailed Thursday. They are still trying to get in touch with Agudelo.

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