Ebola virus outbreak in Africa: CDC dispatches teams to the continent

(NBC NEWSCHANNEL) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now weighing in on the ongoing Ebola outbreak in Africa -- the largest in history.

The C-D-C- says it has dispatched teams to the region to help coordinate the response and help with transmission education.

The Ebola virus is spread through direct contact with an infected person's bodily fluids.

While there are two Americans in Africa who have been infected, the C-D-C- says the likelihood of the virus spreading in the U-S at this point is very low.

Infectious disease experts are asking health care workers in this country to take notes on the travel history of their patients and know the signs of Ebola.

The virus can kill 90-percent of its victims. But the mortality rate is at about 60-percent in this outbreak -- possibly because of early treatment.