Lynnette Blake: Woman sentenced to 15 years for posing as a doctor

Her 'patients' included terminally ill

Lynnette Blake, 38, is a wife, mother and a cancer survivor.  But that didn't help her escape what was coming.

"I'm very sorry and I'm pleading for mercy from the court.  The whole thing was to help people never hurt," she told a Martin County Judge Friday morning after she admitted to her part in a scheme that gave false hope to the health seeking, desperately hoping and at times, terminally ill.

"I am very sorry for everything I've done.  If someone thought for one minute that I tried to harm somebody, I'm sorry," she said.

Last year, the mother of three was arrested for a series of charges including practicing healthcare without a license. 

She wore a lab coat, performed IV injections and decorated her “Back to Eden Wellness Center” in Stuart with fake medical diplomas.

"I can't imagine what efforts you went to put this together, but it's shocking," said Judge Elizabeth Metzger moments before sentencing.

Christine Hughes fought her own emotions on the stand as she described Blake's treatment on her husband who was dying of stage 4 lung cancer. 

"You don't prey on sick people, it's horrible what they're already going through," she said in court.

Hughes told the Contact 5 Investigators back in February how Blake’s treatment plan for her husband included a cocktail of unknown IV injections and a 21 day protein-free diet.

During her sentencing hearing, friends and family described Blake as a good person with a big heart who just wanted to share what cured her of cancer with the rest of the world.

"Where you crossed the line is you really wanted to be a doctor and you weren't," said Judge Metzger who took no pity and sentenced Blake to the maximum allowed.

Prison for the next 15 years.

"She got what she deserved.  You lie, you pay.  She didn't deserve anything less," said a tearful Hughes moments after the sentence was announced.

As Lynnette Blake prepares for her future behind bars.

She left the courtroom whispering a few final words to her family.

It is not immediately known which prison Blake will serve her time.