Mike Cavanaugh: Beaver attacks man getting kayaking lesson

ROCHESTER, N.Y. - (WHAM/CNN) - You wouldn't normally expect to get attacked by an animal while paddling a kayak.  Then again, you don't hear about many beaver attacks.

A beaver attacked a man, who was getting a kayaking lesson in New York state.

The victim, Mike Cavanaugh, has his arms and back bandaged after a beaver leaped out of the water just as he was getting in for a kayak lesson.

"It's just a freak thing. This beaver was upset about something and went after him," said kayak instructor Nate Reynolds.

Reynolds saw part of the attack happen.

"I heard him yell my name, so I come running out. As soon as I came out, I see the boat flip over, so the beaver had actually jumped up, grabbed his arm, and pulled him right out of his kayak," said Reynolds.

The beaver was still attached to Mike's arm after it flipped him out of the kayak. That's when Nate came down with the paddle. He hit the beaver with so much force it knocked the blade off the shaft.

"Nate's a pretty strong individual and he must have hit directly, broke a paddle over it, so we were pretty sure it was injured, but coming out of abundance of caution we canceled everything," said Baycreek paddling owner Ken Altfather.

Altfather says the beaver's carcass was spotted a few days later and was taken by animal control.

In his 22 years as owner, he's never seen a beaver attack, and he's hopes this will be his last.

"I think the rarity of it is the main thing. This beaver was apparently upset for some reason that we don't know," said Altfather.

Courtesy: CNN Newsource