Big Dog Ranch says they have seen increase in abused dogs

WELLINGTON, Fla. -  It's starting to become a familiar sight at Big Dog Ranch in Wellington.

"People are neglecting their animals, treating them poorly, and we are just rescuing animals that we cannot believe the situations they were in," said Emily Pantelides.

Every week at Big Dog Ranch, they say they receive an average of three dogs that are neglected, abused or malnourished.

"People are treating these animals horribly, and these are innocent animals that don't have a voice, they are defenseless and need our help," said Pantelides.

One bulldog was dumped in a remote area a couple of weeks ago.

Hairless, and starving, the dog is now making a recovery, and will be ready for adoption in the coming days.

"It's rewarding to see them recover because of all of the hard work and dedication we put in these dogs, it's good to see them go into forever homes," said Johnnie Allen.

One puppy at the shelter is missing a paw. They think it may have been chewed off by another dog.

"He runs around plays, plays with the other dogs, he's just an awesome little puppy," said Ashley Hensarling.

The shelter says they don't know why there's an increase in abused dogs. They're just hoping there will be a similar increase in the number of people looking to adopt them.

"All they want is someone to love, somebody just to hold them and give them food and shelter, so we want people to come here, take a look, and bring one home with you," said Pantelides.


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