Storm Team 5 Weather Alert Day

Storm Team 5 Weather Alert Day

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The weather today will be quite active, and for that reason we have declared today a Weather Alert Day. It will take effect at noon and will last through at least 9 tonight.

There are many factors we take into consideration before calling a Weather Alert Day, and the one that tops this list is -- will the these adverse conditions greatly hinder your plans and possibly put you in harm's way? If the answer is yes then a Weather Alert Day will likely be issued.

This afternoon and evening the weather will indeed hinder your plans, and we're expecting a few storms to turn severe, too, which could put you in harm's way if you are in the path of one of these storm cells.

WHEN and WHERE can you expect the storms? With these sea breeze driven storms everyone in our viewing area is fair game from 3 to 8 P.M. The storms will first impact those living around Lake Okeechobee around 1 P.M. They'll then migrate from west to east, and by rush hour they'll be confined to to the Turnpike, I-95, and areas east.

WHAT can you expect?

1. LOTS of lightning

2. Winds in excess of 50 MPH

3. Small hail

4. Torrential rains

Remember if you hear thunder roar, go indoors! Lightning is very deadly and can travel many miles. Don't even risk it.


Strong to severe storms will begin to percolate at 3 P.M. across all the viewing area and will give you a nasty afternoon commute and evening. If warnings or advisories are issued we let you know immediately on-air, online, and through our apps.


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